“Find Out How Much a Nigerian Passport Costs – Answers Here!”

Curious how much a Nigerian passport costs? You’re in luck! We’ll provide all the answers you need to know on how much it costs to obtain a Nigerian passport.

1. How Much is Passport in Nigeria?

Do you travel often from Nigeria? Looking to apply for a passport? Not sure how much it costs?

The great news is that applying for your passport in Nigeria is extremely accessible and pricing is budget-friendly! The Schedule of Fees for the Nigerian E-(ECOWAS) Passport are as follows: S/N Booklet Type Fee 1. 32 Pages $142.00 2. 64 Pages $162.00 3. 64 Pages $242.00.

Whether you need the 32 or 64 page passport, you can have it for an affordable price! Make sure you have all your documents ready before applying. All the information and requirements can be found online to put together your application.

It’s no longer an expensive or arduous task to get your passport in Nigeria, just follow the steps and get passport fast and easy at a fraction of the cost!

2. How to Apply for a Nigerian Passport

Obtaining a Nigerian passport is a relatively quick and straightforward process. To ensure the journey to achieving one runs as smoothly as possible, it is important to make note of key information, such as the necessary documentation and fees that you may need to pay.

Applying for a Nigerian passport involves a three-step process. Firstly, you will need to fill out the application form, which is easily done online. Secondly, you will be required to provide two colored passport photos, taken within the last six months, in order to complete your application. Finally, you need to present the necessary supporting documentation in order to successfully apply for a Nigerian passport. This can include your birth certificate, national identity card and most recent utility bill as proof of address.

In addition, there are often fees to pay when applying for a Nigerian passport. These fees may be subject to change, however they are generally a few thousand Naira. Before submitting the application you should carefully check your form and

3. Steps to Collect a Nigerian Passport

Are you looking to get a Nigerian passport? Acquiring a Nigerian passport is a relatively straightforward process. Follow the steps outlined below and you’ll have a valid document in no time.

First, you’ll need to make an appointment for the internal affairs ministry in Nigeria. Be sure to book it in advance so you can guarantee your spot.

Second, you’ll also have to have your application form and photographs ready to submit. The application form can be found online and downloaded, so it’s incredibly convenient. However, you’ll still have to have passport-style photos taken, which should be done at a qualified photographer.

Third, you’ll need to make sure that all documents are up-to-date and approved before the appointment. Everything should be impeccably done and with correct information, so double-check all the details before submission.

Fourth, you’ll have to attend the internal affairs ministry appointment. Have all your documents and photographs

4. Documents Required for Nigerian Passport Application

Applying for a Nigerian passport? Make sure that you have everything you need to ensure the process runs smoothly. In order to apply for a Nigerian passport, you need a few key pieces of documentation. These include an application form, a valid national ID card and either two passport photos or two separate photos. In addition, you must present two birth certificates, a letter of attestation signed by at least one witness and if necessary, a sworn affidavit declaring any change of name. It’s important to make sure you have all the documentation ready before you start the application process as this can save any potential delays. Be sure to double check that you’ve filled in your application form correctly and that the photos provided meet all of the necessary criteria. Good luck!

5. Other Requirements for Acquiring a Nigerian Passport.

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Acquiring a Nigerian passport can be a complicated process, and it’s important to make sure you have everything you need before you apply. In addition to submitting your current passport, application form, two passport photo and the correct fee, there are some other important requirements you must meet.

The first is proof of identity. You will need to bring a birth certificate, ID card or drivers license to demonstrate that you are who you say you are.

You should also plan to provide evidence that your application is legitimate. This could include proof of address, such as tenancy agreement, mortgage statement or utility bill. Examples of other acceptable documents that could prove your identity are a marriage certificate, divorce paper, degree certificate or other form of certifiaction for professional qualifications.

Finally, it may be requested that you provide a criminal records check to demonstrate that you are of good character. This is to ensure that you are a law-

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