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Highest Paying Project Manager Jobs in Canada

Business professionals who manage projects for their own companies or serve as consultants for client companies are called project managers. No matter what business they are in, most project managers focus their efforts on retaining these key aspects of the project.

In Canada, project management jobs require a specific set of education and competencies. Project managers can work in many different businesses and oversee a wide range of different projects. Project management specialization often leads to higher compensation. In this article, we define a project manager, identify the six highest paying project manager jobs, and offer advice on how to boost your income and specialize in project management.

High Paying Project Manager Jobs

1. Marketing project manager

The median annual salary for a marketing project manager in Canada is $58,107

The primary responsibility of a marketing project manager is to oversee marketing and advertising campaigns. The day-to-day job responsibilities of a marketing project manager include organizing a marketing campaign, defining the process of the campaign with the marketing director, and managing a team of marketing and advertising specialists.

2. Project management consultant

Project Management Consultants receive $81,716 per year as an average salary in Canada

The main job of a project management consultant is to assist clients in improving the effectiveness of their business processes. The general duties of a project management consultant include advising clients on best practices, developing fixes for operational or procedural issues, and overseeing the application of project management processes.

3. Construction project manager

The national average salary for a construction project manager in Canada is $83,428 per year.

Primary Responsibilities: The Construction Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the practical and administrative aspects of the construction project. Most construction project managers are tasked with organizing the logistics of the project, ensuring construction crews complete tasks on time, and controlling the overall project budget.

4. PMO Manager:

PMO Manager Annual Salary: Average Canadian $94,366.

Key Responsibilities: The PMO Manager, also known as the Project Management Office Manager, is responsible for ensuring that all project managers who interact with clients on behalf of the business adhere to a set of standards. PMO managers typically conduct activities such as meeting with project managers to discuss best practices, providing project management metrics to business leaders, and making changes to policies or procedures as needed.

5. IT Project Manager

The national average salary for an IT project manager is $100,456 per year.

Primary Responsibilities: IT Project Managers are responsible for managing programs related to the creation and use of IT. Often, this entails performing job duties such as setting IT goals, monitoring the operations of the IT team, and ensuring that everyone involved in the project has access to the resources they need to complete the project.

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