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How to apply for a Canada student visa (FULL GUIDE)

A study permit is a student visa required for international students wishing to enroll in a program in Canada. It needs to be for a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and the application fee is CAD 150.

Your study permit by itself does not get you into Canada, you may be issued an Electronic Travel Authorization along with your permit.

You may be eligible to work part-time with a Canadian Study Permit, usually up to 20 hours per week.

Canadian Study Permit Process

  1. Receive an offer from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  2. Apply for a license online or download an application packet
  3. Pay the application fee and keep the receipt
  4. Medical examination by a specialist physician registered in your country
  5. Receive a decision on your application

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Residents of certain countries can apply through the Student Direct Stream for faster licensing.

You can apply through the Student Direct Stream if you are a legal resident of one of the following countries:

Canadian Visas for Student Dependents

Your spouse or children under the age of 18 may also apply for a visa if they need to come to Canada with you while you are studying.

Your spouse will be able to apply for an open work permit valid for the duration of your study program. This type of permit does not require them to have a job before arriving in Canada, it just gives them the option to work while in Canada.

If you have children joining you while studying in Canada, they can enter as visitors as long as they have your study plan and proof of a study permit.

Canadian student visa requirements

You will need to have certain documents ready for your visa application. An important factor in deciding whether to grant a study permit is your financial situation. The Canadian government must be able to see that you can support yourself financially throughout your studies, whether through savings or sponsors such as parents.

Generally, you will need to meet the following criteria to apply for a Canadian study permit:

  • Admission letter from DLI
  • Results of medical and police checks
  • Two passport-size photos of yourself
  • Evidence that you can support yourself financially throughout your studies

You may also be required to provide your biometric information. You will need to do this at an approved visa application center in your country.

How long does the visa process take?

It can take up to 90 days to process your visa application, so it is wise to submit it as soon as possible after you have received a valid offer of admission from your college or university.

If you’re from one of the above countries, you can use the Student Direct Stream (SDS) to get your study permit faster (usually within 20 days). Fees start at CAD 150.

What to do if your Canadian study permit is refused?

Canadian study permits are in high demand, so unfortunately it is very common for applications to be rejected.

Getting your application right first can save you a lot of stress and money. Here are some of the most common reasons behind rejections, and how to fix them.

  • Insufficient financial funds: It is not always sufficient to meet the minimum financial threshold. Your application will be more convincing if it can be shown that you have sufficient funds for more than one year.
  • Unsuitable Acceptance Letter: You need an impeccable acceptance letter from a Canadian registered DLI.
  • Missing documents: If you fail to attach language test scores and travel documents, your application will be rejected.
  • Return plans: Study permits are only temporary visas, so you will need to demonstrate your intention to return to your home country after your studies.

If your study permit is still refused by IRCC, you will be told why in the rejection letter. You can reapply for a study permit at any time, but please make sure you have addressed any issues you have previously submitted.

If you think your first application was wrongly denied, you can appeal at any time

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