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How to Get a Job in Dubai

Dubai is an ideal place for expats to live and work. Not only is it an exciting city, where fascinating ancient history blends with futuristic modern wonders, but it’s also very welcoming to global tourists. The workforce in Dubai is already very multicultural and most business is conducted in English, so the road is already paved. You just have to follow it.

Respect local cultures professionally and personally. You also need to understand the visa requirements and how your skills fit into the areas of demand in Dubai.

Here are the steps to find your dream job in Dubai.

Review Major Requirements

One of the benefits of finding a job in Dubai is that you can immediately find a low-skilled job that will keep you afloat until you find your dream position. But for this, you will need education and relevant professional skills.Before embarking on a formal job search, assess whether your skills and experience are a match for anyone areas of special need in dubai.

There are currently many job opportunities in engineering, finance, telecommunications, construction and marketing. The hospitality and tourism industry is also an important part of the economy and offers jobs that require varying levels of expertise. If you can demonstrate that you have a strong background to support any of these industries, your chances of landing a job increase. If not, consider taking some continuing education courses at home or in Dubai that can fill in the gaps.

choose a visa

There are several types of visas available for working in Dubai. Most expats look for work from home and arrive in Dubai with a job offer in hand. This makes life easier for the employees as the UAE company that employs them will do most of the work to obtain the work visa.In many cases, companies will sponsor visa Also applies to close relatives of employees.

Another type of work visa is the mission visa, which allows for 90 years of work within the UAE. This could be ideal for someone looking to accomplish a specific goal there or want to temporarily explore the idea of ​​a permanent relocation. Business travel visas are also usually sponsored by Dubai-based employers.

If you have had no luck finding work from home, you can travel to Dubai on a visitor visa, and Transition to work visa While there. This is relatively unusual in the global business world and is one of the factors that makes Dubai so suitable for expats. Being there in person also opens up new avenues for your job search, since appointment interviews are common.

job search strategy

No matter where you start your search, it is important to find companies willing to sponsor work visas. You may also find that employers specify their preferred gender and nationality in advertised jobs. In many countries, it is not allowed to restrict job seekers to Indians or women only, but in the UAE this is the norm.

When preparing your application materials, be aware that the standard document for job seekers in Dubai is the CV (resume resume), not the shorter resume format favored in the US.The goal of a resume is to about two pages One for mid-level positions and three for administrative positions.

online portal

Dubai is a technologically advanced country, so an online job search is a great place to start.Some of the best websites for expat job seekers are LinkedIn, bet, monster bayand working bay.

walk-in interview

Your online search may also lead you to a listing for an interview appointment. If you are already in Dubai, you can take advantage of these opportunities more quickly. This is beneficial because the kind of connection that will get you hired is easier to form in a face-to-face setting. Most employers who conduct walk-in interviews are hiring for mid-level positions in sales, customer service, and finance.

professional recruitment company

It helps to have someone on your side during the tricky international job search process. Many foreign job seekers hire professional recruitment firms to assist them. These businesses review your qualifications, make recommendations for improvement, and match your skills with companies that are hiring.

Hiring Help can get you on the inside track and save a lot of time reading job postings and narrowing down the ones that are relevant to you.Popular recruitment companies in UAE include michael page, BAC Middle Eastand Charterhouse.

cultural expectations

When you move to Dubai, no matter where you call home, it is inevitable that you will experience some degree of culture shock. It is a unique country that, while welcoming, has rather strict expectations for its residents.

Doing thorough cultural research before you arrive so you don’t make any social and professional mistakes will make it easier to adjust to your new home.


The good news for native English speakers is that English is heavily used in business in Dubai.You might be able to say it individually, but it’s still highly recommended learn arabic as well as. It is the official language of Dubai and you will find many jobs that require candidates to be bilingual. Not only that, knowing Arabic is also a respect for the host country.

Customs and Clothing

In a business setting, formal attire is expected. In urban areas, this means a suit that covers the arms and legs. This is true for both men and women. In smaller communities, you may wear traditional clothing such as a baggy white kandora for men or black agara for women. Still, start with the right suit for the interview and get a feel for your employer’s preferences from there.

While normal handshakes may be a thing of the past, know that handshakes are traditionally very lighthearted in Dubai. Instead of squeezing hard, use the palm of your hand to touch lightly. Avoid offering to shake a woman’s hand, but accept it if she offers her hand.

Finally, be prepared for different working hours given the heat and religious customs of the area. The working week is from Saturday to Wednesday, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Back then, workers would usually rest until 5pm and then work until 7pm. This schedule changes during Ramadan, when working hours are shortened by two hours.

With its rich multicultural workforce, Dubai has excellent programs to support the hiring of foreign workers. With proper research and preparation, landing a good job is definitely an attainable goal. Don’t hesitate to start looking – Dubai will host the World Expo in 2021, which will drive hiring demand for the next decade.

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