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International Bursary for Undergraduates at University of Manitoba, Canada 2022-23 

Hereby remind you to pay attention to the 2022-23 undergraduate international bursary application window of the University of Manitoba, Canada

International Scholarship

main points

Listed below are the summary points you need to be aware of about the University of Manitoba, Canada undergraduate international bursary for 2022-23:

  • funding is partial
  • They take all courses at the University of Manitoba
  • International students are eligible
  • All undergraduate applicants are eligible

brief description; introduction

The University of Manitoba offers an International Undergraduate Bursary to international students who are studying a bachelor’s degree program in the fall and winter and who are academically outstanding and in need of financial assistance.


The application deadline is October 1, 2022.

Eligible courses

The University of Manitoba, Canada Undergraduate International Bursary 2022/2023 is a program designed to reward international students with high academic performance and is only applicable to the following programs:

eligible country

Students from the following nationalities are eligible:

  • India
  • Thailand
  • nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Ghana

scholarship award

The University will provide all of the following:

  • Each year, a total of $240,000 is awarded for scholarships; these funds will be divided equally among scholarship applicants.

degree type

The University of Manitoba, Canada 2022-23 Undergraduate International Bursary is mainly for undergraduate programs.

Number of awards

not specified

eligibility criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the University of Manitoba Canada Undergraduate International Bursary 2022/2023

  • For overseas students with financial need, enrolled in both the fall and winter semesters and in good academic standing
  • To qualify, all students must pass courses in both the fall and winter semesters. In most cases, students must enroll in and complete at least 60% of their full coursework each semester (ie, at least 9 credits per semester). Graduate students are exempt from the credit requirement as long as they are enrolled full-time in the Graduate School during the fall and winter semesters.
  • Applicants require a minimum GPA. Continuing education requires a minimum degree GPA of 2.0. Freshmen (from high school) must have a grade point average of at least 70% in grade 12.
  • Students admitted as mature students may also be considered for bursaries. The General Bursary Program is not open to international students in their first year of post-secondary study in Canada.
International Scholarship


The following procedures remain the only feasible way to apply correctly:

  • Applicants must clearly state any financial need. To demonstrate their financial need, students who have applied for a government student loan from another province must submit a copy of their most recent official government loan assessment. Beginning the first week of August and continuing until the first day of October, the University of Manitoba General Bursary Application can be accessed.

Please click University of Manitoba Canada Undergraduate International Bursary 2022-23Start your application.

frequently asked questions

Here are frequently asked questions to help you search for scholarships:

What is the International Bursary for Undergraduate Students at the University of Manitoba, Canada?

  • Here are undergraduate jobs for high achieving applicants for University of Manitoba Scholarships

what are the tricks to increase your chances of being selected

  • Comply with deadlines and provide all documents correctly upon request.

Is this a scholarship for domestic and foreign applicants?

  • This applies to international applicants only.

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