Canada Scholarship

Jake and Lisa Knelsen Farm Canada Needs General Farm Workers


educate: No degree, certificate or diploma

experience: experiential assets

work site environment

  • outdoor
  • hermetic space
  • wet / wet
  • noisy
  • odor
  • dusty
  • hot
  • cold/refrigerated



  • hand harvested vegetables
  • Hoe crops
  • planting, cultivating and irrigating crops
  • harvest crops
  • Operate and maintain agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Cleaning stables, barns, farms and pens
  • Check product quality and prepare it for the market

experience and expertise

crop type

Additional Information

Working Conditions and Physical Ability

  • fast paced environment
  • work under pressure
  • time is running out
  • repetitive tasks
  • carry heavy objects
  • physical demands
  • Attention to detail
  • hand-eye coordination
  • ability to distinguish colors
  • sitting
  • Sit, stand, walk
  • standing for a long time
  • walk
  • bend over, squat down, kneel down

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