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Part time Data Analyst Jobs You Can Get With No Experience

Data analysts are responsible for data collection and analysis. Although there are entry-level opportunities, many data analysts have prior experience. If you want to work in this industry, there are some strategies you can use to find entry-level positions. This article will detail five jobs for inexperienced data analysts and explain how to find them.

Advice for Landing Jobs for Inexperienced Data Analysts

You can use the following suggestions to find entry-level data analyst jobs without any experience:

  • Build your professional network
  • complete certification
  • Create a Data Analysis Portfolio
  • Develop your data analysis and transferable skills
  • Data cleaning and preparation
  • Data Analysis and Exploration
  • statistical knowledge
  • Create data visualizations
  • Create dashboards and reports
  • writing and communication
  • domain knowledge
  • Solve the problem

jobs you can get

1. Quality Assurance Analyst

The average annual salary for a quality assurance analyst nationwide is $32,121.

Primary Responsibilities: Quality Assurance Analysts collect data in order to determine whether a good or service meets quality requirements. Quality assurance analysts typically require a bachelor’s degree in information technology or a closely related discipline, but they can also acquire the necessary competencies and information through on-the-job training.

2. Data Entry Clerk

The median annual salary for a data entry clerk nationwide is $33,111.

The main responsibilities of a data entry clerk include collecting data and entering it into a database. They are also responsible for organizing and updating the database. A high school diploma or GED is usually the minimum educational requirement for data entry clerks, who typically receive on-the-job training.

3. Entry-level data analyst

The national average annual salary for entry-level data analysts is $58,632.

Primary Responsibilities: For their business, entry-level data analysts are responsible for collecting and evaluating a range of data. For entry-level data analysts, having excellent technical skills is essential, as they often use computer models to collect data. Entry-level data analysts typically require a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, finance, computer science, or a closely related discipline.

4. Data Quality Analyst

The national average salary for a data quality analyst is $55,921 per year.

The primary responsibilities of a data quality analyst include examining data to verify its accuracy and quality. They often develop and enhance database designs and collaborate internally to enhance systems. Like other data analysts, data quality analysts typically hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, statistics, finance, or a related discipline.

5. Business Analyst Consultant

business consultant analyst received

The average annual salary in the country is $66,977.

Business professionals who analyze business data and provide advice and expertise to clients are known as business analyst consultants. They often meet with clients to help them with their plans because they are consultants. Business analyst consultants typically hold a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, or a closely related discipline.

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