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Suspected case of monkeypox in abandoned Pato Branco – Diario do Sudoeste

Marsili Rossi and Agencia Brazil

Today, Monday (1), the Pato Branco Health System was on alert in the early hours of the morning due to a suspected case of monkeypox (monkeypox). Still during the morning, what was suspected was cleared after a joint evaluation with the State Health Authority (Sesa) technical body.

According to the latest knowledge replaced by Sesa, on Thursday (28), Paraná has 21 optimistic diagnoses of the disease, all registered in the capital. 20 guys and 1 girl between the ages of 22 and 40. Another 26 cases are under investigation in the municipalities of Carlopolis (1), Cascavelle (1), Colombo (1), Curitiba (19), Jaguabeta (1), Luanda (1), Maringa (1) and Nova Esperanza (1). .

Since the beginning of the outbreak, Paraná has so far rejected 24 cases in the cities of Campina Grande do Sul (1), Cascavel (1), Curitiba (9), Londrina (1), Foz do Iguaçu (1), Maringa (3). Benhis (1), Ponta Grossa (1), São José dos Benhis (1), resident of São Paulo (1), Toledo (2), Campi (1) and Guabirama (1).


Due to the increasing amount of new conditions in a number of countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the situation attributed to the monkeypox virus outbreak a Public Emergency of Global Concern.

However, this disease is classified as an uncommon viral disease and can be transmitted through hugging, kissing, therapeutic massage, sexual activity, respiratory secretions, and contact with objects and surfaces touched by a sick person. The genital area is often one of the most vulnerable wounds to this disease.

According to the Sociedade Brasileira de Urologia (SBU) and Brasileira de Infectologia (SBI), people can defend themselves and help stop the spread of the virus that causes monkeypox by taking measures similar to frequent hand washing. With 70% alcohol or cleaning soap and water.

In addition to avoiding physical contact with individuals who could also be contaminated, the sharing of special tools, bedding, and towels should be prevented until the diagnosis is under control or the lesions are completely gone. Anyone who has been in contact with a particular infected person should be aware of the achievable form of signs related to the disease.

Finally, the institutions confirm that the current epidemic is not only related to transmission from animals to humans. Therefore, there is no justification for any behavior, let alone animal cruelty, with monkeys.

Sesa-PR also emphasizes that people should be aware of skin pores and lesions, along with genital, oral, fever, and lymphadenopathy, along with a historical past of prolonged, intimate, or sexual contact with suspected individuals or strangers/casual individuals .

In addition, the General Secretariat advises that care should be focused on those infected with isolation until the lesions disappear, and the safety of those in contact with these patients should be monitored.

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