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The sun presses on the asteroids (which age before that).

NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

Sun aging cracks in asteroids

Scientists on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission recently discovered that terrestrial renewal occurs much sooner on asteroids than on Earth.

By analyzing rocky fractures on the asteroid Bennu from high-resolution images taken by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, the crew discovered that the warmth generated by the sun’s fractures The stones in Benue Only in 10,000 to 100,000 years

This information helps astronomers estimate how long it will take rocks in asteroids like Bennu to travel through. smaller particlesthat can be launched home or stay on the asteroid floor.

Tens of hundreds of years may seem like a very long time, and yet “we thought it took several million years for the asteroid floor to regenerate.” Marco DelboSenior Scientist at Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, Laboratoire Lagrange, Nice, France, and lead author of a scientific paper published in June 2022 in the journal Nature Geoscience.

“We stayed Surprised Knowing that the aging of asteroids and the means of weathering occurs quickly, V.I geological phrases“.

Although landslides, volcanoes and earthquakes can Change the degree Land quickly, adjustments often incremental. Changes in water, wind, and temperature slowly disintegrate and form rock strata new domains over hundreds of thousands of years

For example, if we were in the well-known Grand Canyon, we would see distinct rock layers. upper classes They are likely to become younger, about 270 million years old, and the valley core layers are the oldest and about 1.8 billion years old. a Colorado River The rocks in the Grand Canyon have been hewn for five or six million years.

Rapid temperature adjustments occur in Benue internal pressure that crack and shatter rocks, just as cold glass cracks under hot water. sun They are born every 4.3 hours At Bennu on the equator, daytime highs can reach 127°C and nighttime lows of approx. -23 degrees Celsius.

OSIRIS-REx scientists have detected cracks in rocks in spacecraft images. The first asteroid survey. The fractures appear to lie flat in the same track, Delboe said, “a clear indication that day-night temperature shocks could be the cause.”

Delbo and colleagues manually measured the lengths and angles of more than 1,500 fractures on OSIRIS-REx images: some smaller than a tennis racket, others larger than a tennis racket. Tennis court schedule.

They discovered that the fractures were mainly in the northwest-southeast path, which indicates that they may have been formed by the sun, and it is proven here as follows. The main force for change bino panorama

“If landslides or impacts change faster Delboe stated that rather than breaking rocks, the fractions are in random instructions.

The scientists used a PC model and measurements of the fractures to calculate a period of 10,000 to 100,000 years to write the thermal fractions. Suggest And Abandon stones

Thermal fractures in Benue Somewhat comparable “To what we discover on Earth and Mars when it comes to their formation,” said Christophe Mattonetti, one of the authors of the research at the University of Côte d’Azur, CNRS, Observatory of Côte d’Azur, Geoazure, Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne. France.

“that it It’s great to see that they will be around It is very surprising to compare them in physical terms [baixa gravidade, sem atmosfera]Even compared to Mars.

“You must remember that the terrain is Benu young manThe rocks on the asteroids are billions of years older, and include precious details about the early solar system for voltaic images, said Jason Durkin, OSIRIS-Rex mission scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer) in its approach to ship the Bennu pattern to Earth with an expected arrival date. September 24, 2023.

“Once we’re able to examine the pattern on the spot, we can learn more details about the age of the floor,” Dworkin stated.

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