“Uncovering How Much is Needed for a 10 Year Nigerian Passport: The Breakdown”

Are you a Nigerian national looking to apply for or renew a passport but not sure of the amount required? You’re in luck! We’re going to guide you through the breakdown of what it costs to apply for or to renew a Nigerian Passport that is valid for 10 years.


How Much is 10 Years Nigerian Passport?

The Nigerian passport has been recently upgraded with new and improved security features – a polycarbonate data page and three different categories of validities. A 32-page five-year validity costs N25,000, a 64-page five-year is N35000, and a 64-page ten-year is N70000. With this passport, you won’t have to worry about renewing in five years – it valid until 3 Sept 2022!Β 

The new 10 year Nigerian passport offers improved security features, a polycarbonate data page and a long term validity – everything you need to feel secure and safe when crossing borders. With the latest technology implemented into passport issuance, you can put your worries about traveling abroad to rest for 10 years. And for only N70000, this passport comes with a long-term validity until 3 Sept 2022 – no stress about renewals for the next 10 years!

Description of Different Types of Nigerian Passports

Nigeria offers different types of passports to its citizens all with various benefits that can be utilized. Nigerian passport holders may select between an ordinary passport, a diplomatic passport, or an official passport to fulfill different needs.

An ordinary passport is the most common type of passport and is issued to Nigerian citizens for international travel. This passport will contain all of your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and nationality, as well as a special section for your visa requirements. This type of passport is valid for five years, and may be extended.

A diplomatic passport is a document issued to high-ranking members of the Nigerian government for official diplomatic purposes. This type of passport exempts the holder from visa restrictions in certain countries, and also allows for a high level of international prestige and recognition. Diplomatic passports are valid for three years and can be extended.

An official passport is issued to a Nigerian citizen who is traveling for official government purposes

The Necessary Documents

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Breakdown of Cost Elements

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Renewal Process and Expiration Dates.

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