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V. Gamerash returns to the game with last season’s gear

Minho’s club justifies repeating the “dress” used in Hungary against the Puskas Academy.

Vitória de Guimarães announced on Tuesday that they will play again with last season’s equipment for the first time since the Conference League’s third football qualifier once they travel to Croatia to face Hajduk Split, similar to what happened in the second leg. The second qualifying football match, in Hungary, against Puskas Academia (0-0).

“Next Thursday, Vitória will perform with the same means as they did in Filxit, facing Puskás Akadémia FC: in the outdoor equipment of the previous season,” Victoria’s badge wrote in a press release.

Despite all the efforts of the Vitoria Sports Council to ensure that all equipment for the 2022-23 season arrived in time for the official group matches, this was not possible, only an answer was reached allowing a limited amount to enter. For this to happen, Vitória Sporting Club had to spend an amount that, according to the current formula, was counterproductive in terms of the actions taken every day to regulate the stability between revenue and expenditure. may learn

However, Vitória maintains that the ambition is similar: “Although the equipment is from last season, the ambition is similar and yet we will have trouble leading Split to get the result. . . . picking the tie for our home, we have D. Afonso Henriques.

Vitória de Guimarães also regretted the date and time of the return (Wednesday 10 August, 17:00), as well as the determination of the adjustments to the followers.

Read the full textual content of the confirmation:

On the eve of another epic Victorian trip across Europe, you can already feel the anticipation of the match against HNK Hajduk Split, along with the first leg of the UEFA Europa League third qualifying round. Video games against Puskás Akademia FC. With Vitoria SC here at the height of the festivities, it’s time to take the Broncos to Croatia after we felt similarly in Hungary last Thursday.

The 100 or so Victorians who showed up to help the group into the Flexotee at Pancho Arena were tireless from start to finish, and even in the minority proved why the Victorians are the best followers in the world, at home and abroad. house. At home, conquerors are stronger once they really feel like helping their minions, and since that happened in Flexot, it probably won’t be all that different in Split.

This Thursday, in Split, a quality and assured Vitoria set-up is likely to be decided against an opponent who will try to make the most of what is seen as an unfavorable environment, and will require an absolutely unified Vitoria. fronts. . He can win this hard draw. For this reason, it is necessary to clarify a few of the factors that sparked controversy this past week, particularly as a result of the unified Vitoria is mental Vitoria.

Next Thursday, Vitória will present in the face of the Puskas Academy the same means that they did in Felixit: from their away equipment from the previous season. Despite all the efforts of the Vitoria Sports Council to get all equipment for the 2022-2023 season in time for the group’s official matches, this was not possible, only an answer was reached that allowed a limited variety of entries. Original equipment, white shade. For this to happen, Vitoria-Gasteiz will have to spend an amount of cash which, under the current reforms, is counterproductive to the measures taken every day to stabilize revenues and expenditures.

A delay to 2021 meant that the defect was due to happen in the 12 months that Vittoria celebrates its centenary, so it was up to management to solve the defect upstream, but it wasn’t just the video games that Vittoria played. It was dripping. Customer. Although the equipment is from last season, the ambition is similar, and with that we will have trouble driving Split to offer the equalizer option for our home D. Afonso Henriques.

For the second match, in Guimaras, we now have assists from all Victorians at our home stadium on August 10, regardless of which schedule allows for the highest attendance. “Given the constraints it imposes on the lives of our followers, a match at 5pm on a Wednesday is by no means a prime time, as the match has been scheduled for that point due to UEFA’s categorical request and settlement.” With the Police force holding another match in Arena Braga for similar rivals on Thursday, the 8th, they chose to move the Vitória match to Wednesday.

In addition to the requirement that the match take place on a Wednesday, there is also a rule that no match in time can overlap with the UEFA Champions League, which is why Haddock Split is currently set to host. He is. The state of affairs that satisfies no one, however, must be reluctantly accepted regardless of the efforts and endeavors made to deselect institutions.

This change in the home fixture schedule against Hajduk Split immediately affects the opening trip in the Portuguese league to Chavez on Sunday 7 August at 20:30 in the phase of the season in which Vitoria performs. Four video games scheduled in 11 days. A tough stage for everyone, no matter how group, is likely to be delivered efficiently.

We imagine it is important for Victorians and Victorians to be aware of the choices that are being made, which is why we offer these clarifications in order for the future to be among all who wear the Victorian Sporting Club colours. Whether they are players, managers, followers or media, everyone understands the job they play at the moment and the way forward for our centennial membership.

To the Vittoria Sports Club


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